more electronic messing around

a little more messing around in the studio with hard time limits. posting sketches like this hold me accountable in a way. it really is less for anyone out there who has the inclination to download and listen to the track and more for me to put my work and process out in front of even a potential audience. any feedback i get is greatly appreciated so don’t hesitate to drop me a line if you dig it or can’t stand it.

besides, now that lost is back on, i have some time to kill. the score for that show drives me insane. i can’t tell if it’s the key or the irritatingly trite content that makes me crazy but i can’t even sit in the same room with it. i should be in my studio during that time anyway so it makes for a good motivator.

have a listen, if you don’t mind, and drop me a note. i’ll go back to my banjo now.


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