an electronica break

i was up really early last sunday and while the dude was sleeping i got a little extra time in the studio. since he was asleep and i didn’t want to take any chances with waking him before my coffee was brewed, i plugged in the headphones and started messing around. i dug out some old field recordings and started stretching and processing them. it was interesting, so i kept at it until i had something that was listenable.

this definitely falls under the category of compositional exercises as i had only about 45 minutes and i wanted to have something that could be considered “done” at the end of that time. short bursts are sometimes a great inspiration. it silences the inner critic and makes some of the decisions that might be debatable under other circumstances very black and white. i should do more of these.

i leave the origin of the samples as an exercise to the listener.


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