whistling in the dark

wayne henderson is a brilliant luthier and guitarist. i was lucky enough to see him at kent state university a million years ago (i think i was in high school at the time). the bill included tal farlow and a pile of greats like that. he’s an amazing showman and builds some beautiful guitars. i highly recommend Clapton’s Guitar by allen st. john as it’s a great look inside how wonderful instruments get made and henderson’s story is a hoot. yeah, i said “a hoot.” there’s no other way to describe it. you can also dig on some henderson in the current issue of the fretboard journal.

why all the talk of henderson? he has a bit of a reputation for really taking his time with getting his orders filled. building a guitar or any instrument is a process. it’s something that, once it has begun, has to be completed in once long run. at least that’s how i see it. it’s really tough when you stall out or get distracted. i’m in that place right now with some instruments i’m building and honestly my attention has turned to churning out piles of electronica. it’s a lot of fun but it feels like the instruments are being neglected. i suppose it’s more about following what’s working and getting back to other things when there is time but it would feel really good to finish them.

time is a precious thing these days. in my position i feel like i need to go with what’s working and right now that’s weird stuff. in that vein, i have some more to share. this tune is based on some samples i captured a long time ago and some public domain items. i will figure out the precise references soon enough and post them. for now, please enjoy and drop me a comment. i’m really enjoying the feedback i’m getting lately. thanks!


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