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Way, way back in the olden times of the ’90s, I was in school and twice a week I met with my classmates in our composition seminar. We showed whatever we had done in the past few days. There was no real judgement. We explained what we were trying to do and then, when we were in a good place for it, asked for feedback. It was a rough time when things weren’t coming along, but when I was deep into sweating out a piece, there was nothing better. So I’m going back to my roots.

Each week I am going to post whatever it was I did that week whether or not it’s “done” or “good” or even “listenable.”

This week, I was working with several guitar tracks to create a texture unlike the project I just finished up with cloxco. I don’t know where this falls, but I think that it is the opening to a larger piece. More on that as it goes along.

[mp3-jplayer tracks=”Quartet 01 – 08-Jan-2012@″ dload=”y”]

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  1. Richard J Edgar

    I like it. Thanks for sharing your unfinished stuff!

  2. Thanks!  Check back weekly for more musical stuff and things!

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