Radio gear in a stack

The ups and downs of the pandemic continue. I read a great article yesterday about managing our expectations in times of uncertainty. The brain simply can’t stay on high alert all the time. And the amount of change and the failure of so many concurrent systems is all too much to take without recharging regularly. But it’s hard to recharge as often as we need to. It isn’t like plugging in a phone at the end of the day and expecting the battery to be at 100% the next morning.

I notice it in myself. I’m trying to be careful with commitments. Cautious with appointments. Keeping the days open as much as I can. The crunches that come with work are about all I can handle at this point. Everything else needs to be optional.

Trying to keep children happy during this time is also a challenge. They are social animals. So we bubble with family. We hike. We bike. We boat. Anything to keep their minds away from the void.

Keeping the frequency in check is critical.

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