2010 recap

In 2010 I managed to accomplish the following musical tasks:

1. Completed an acoustic guitar.
2. Completed 60% of a second guitar.
3. Released Thought Music.
4. Released Chasing Saturday
5. Collaborated with Astra and Jason on several tunes (in person, even!).
6. Started work on a longer term Cloxco album.

Not. Too. Shabby.

With the impending arrival of a little girl early in 2011, I’m not sure what things will look like, but I’m hoping to do at least as well next year. Big plans include building an electric guitar and composing a couple of serious pieces for the classical guitar. I would also like to release some more of the acoustic noodlings I have been saving and really get the Cloxco project off the ground.

Here’s to getting things done in 2011. Good luck in all of your projects.

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