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The Monkey Grammarian

The Monkey Grammarian
The Monkey Grammarian

I finished this one up last night. It keeps in line with my recent kick with authors translated from Spanish. This book is more poem than prose and it is beautiful. Chapter 9 in particular is one that I would underline all of. I will definitely revisit this one in a year or so. It’s dense, but I don’t want to overthink it.

The Mighty Fitz

I finished up The Mighty Fitz by Michael Shumacher a week or so ago (just before I finished Kitchen Confidential) and it was a fascinating recounting of the tragedy and investigation. No, it’s not an in-depth, technical rehash of the sinking, but it did plow through enough of the detail to make one want to know more. A good introductory text on the matter, I’d say.

Given all the theories, it did make me want to dig a little deeper. Later. It’s not great before bed reading, this subject.

Kitchen Confidential

Cover of "Kitchen Confidential" by Anthony Bourdain
Cover of “Kitchen Confidential” by Anthony Bourdain

Just finished this one after taking almost a year to read it. The thing is, you only get to read a really great book once for the first time. I’m more aware of that now than I was before.

From my journal…

Finished “Kitchen Confidential.” I’m still moved by Bourdain’s death in a way that makes no sense. I guess, in a way, we feel a resonance with people whose minds might be a bit like our own. To see one go down in flames is a bit much. It’s a strange hurt for someone we don’t know. It’s difficult to understand (for me).

In any case, the book is brilliant. It has a savage and building rhythm and I think that’s why people liken him to HST. But he wasn’t HST. I get it, he just wasn’t. He was himself. And that’s more important.