Cook’s Tour

A Cook’s Tour by Anthony Bourdain

I came to the Bordain game a bit on the late side. I’m not sure what it was that put me off for so long, but I did, eventually, bite in. Sadly, it was after his passing. Having chewed on Kitchen Confidential for as long as I could, I finished it and picked up this one.

It’s a different read. The travel aspect is interesting. But since I’ve seen every episode of Parts Unknown it was nice to get a little bit behind that curtain that exists when building a travel/food program.

What stands out for me more than anything is the depression in his writing. Put aside the 20/20 hindsight for a minute and read the words. In many ways, he’s lost in himself. Some of that resonates with me. And that’s likely his greater appeal. He is a flawed human being who knows it. That weight shows in some of the asides and his typical self-deprecating commentary.

It does make me want to travel. Though I’m not sure I will anytime soon.

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