This was a big week for reading. I have to credit the introduction of The Hammock for a good deal of my reading. Something about the view and simply falling back into a reclined position puts the mind in a space to receive a good book.

Finished this week:

  • A Cook’s Tour – Anthony Bourdain
  • Gathering Moss – Robin Wall Kimmerer
  • Paradise Lot – Eric Toensmeier and Jonathan BatesĀ 
  • The Tobacconist – Robert Seethaler (translated by Charlotte Collins)

All of these were good books for very different reasons. I enjoyed them all. It’s difficult for me, as I get older, to figure out what I should recommend to a friend and what I enjoy because it resonates with some weird combination of things that might be specific to me. Not to say that I think I’m something unique, but I think there are plenty of things that I enjoy because I do and not because of anything grand or great about the thing itself. I’m more and more that way with books.

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