Heading Out

A daypack.

For years, the arrival of autumn was a time to bug out. Bags would be packed, a car loaded, or a train boarded. I would head out to Somewhere Else. I do get a strong sense of wanderlust in the summer, but when the air gets cool and the leaves turn, it feels like it’s time to hit the road. To bug out. To head off to… I don’t even know anymore.

This winter, we have our new home. We have new traditions to build. We’ll have to find a pumpkin patch and a place to get a Christmas tree. Our old traditions will need some minor tweaks.

But there’s an empty backpack over there. There are checklists. There’s gear that seems ready to go.

Being Engaged

Bella the Rottweiler

The hardest thing to do now, it seems to me, is to stay engaged with the real world. All of the “doom scrolling” and watching every blip and fleck of digital vomit fly forth from the mouths of people who are paid to be popular does very little to improve one’s life or to keep one engaged with the Real World. The truth is, whatever it is he’s doing this morning, the digital ruminations of the POTUS have very little to do with what’s going on in the room in which we sit.

There are things that pull us back out of the hole we seem to slip into all too easily. One of those things in our house is Bella. She’s about 3 months old. She’s a 45-ish pound rottie. She demands attention. It’s very, very hard to doom scroll when this spazzy, growing pup is trying to eat a shoe or chew on the furniture.

This really is the best time for a puppy. We’re all in the house. She has plenty of people to play with. There are creatures with thumbs to open the door for her or refill her water bowl. Even the daily walk happens. And for the bipedal denizens of the house, this is a great thing.

This is not to disparage Nacho, the elder states-dog of the house. He’s just way more relaxed and spends most of his time napping in my office while I work. He’s not as needy.

As I poke at my hobbies and get through the day, it’s important to me that I note the things that keep me engaged with my world. The things that bring joy.

Hiking in Fall

A park infographic describing the Power of Pollinators.

I went on a glorious hike with the Scouts on Saturday. My son got out with a crew that he seems to enjoy spending time with as he is slowly able to stretch out and tries to make new friends in a new place that we’ve been living in for over 6 months. And I got to walk with a dear, old friend. Hiking with this gentleman is nothing new. We’re older now and perhaps a touch slower, but it was fun.

I took no pictures but the one on top of this entry. It was far too nice a day and the hike was far too enjoyable to burst any bubbles with getting out a phone and tapping out pictures for a blog that I’m rather spotty about updating. Or for any other reason. It’s important to forget the tech and bask in the trees whenever possible. The world is more beautiful when not viewed through a camera’s lens.

I’m not sure how many sunny days there will be for the remainder of the year, but I don’t mind hiking under the lead grey skies of NE Ohio. In fact, I rather enjoy hiking in the snow.


A beagle on a pair of slippers.

Cooler weather brings the zoomies to the pups. It also brings evenings where it’s nice to curl up and be warm. We have a fireplace and that’s grand. The dogs like to be close to it and it brings something of the far off olden times with it – despite the fact that we turn the fire on and off with a switch.

The weekend promises to be cool. Perhaps sunny, but cool. There’s a hike with the Scouts coming up and maybe a little field time with my new toy. More about that nerd radio stuff soon enough.

For now, it’s good enough that it’s Friday and maybe I can get some rest.


Patio with flower pots.

The light is a little more golden now. The grass has extra days between mowings. Leaves are starting to drift down from the locust trees and some of the maples are bursting into colors not seen in a year. The sun picks and chooses when it will show and the temperature is guess work even with tech that tells us what it measures outside.

The time we have to sit on the patio and breathe the cool air is limited. It’s precious. My family feels this and we’re getting outside as much as we can now. Quick hikes. Runs up and down the block on scooters. Dog walks that meander a bit. The last runs on the bikes. It’s that beautiful moment before we close the doors and windows for a while.

My wife hates it. I proudly proclaim, “This is the weather of My People!”