Being Engaged

Bella the Rottweiler

The hardest thing to do now, it seems to me, is to stay engaged with the real world. All of the “doom scrolling” and watching every blip and fleck of digital vomit fly forth from the mouths of people who are paid to be popular does very little to improve one’s life or to keep one engaged with the Real World. The truth is, whatever it is he’s doing this morning, the digital ruminations of the POTUS have very little to do with what’s going on in the room in which we sit.

There are things that pull us back out of the hole we seem to slip into all too easily. One of those things in our house is Bella. She’s about 3 months old. She’s a 45-ish pound rottie. She demands attention. It’s very, very hard to doom scroll when this spazzy, growing pup is trying to eat a shoe or chew on the furniture.

This really is the best time for a puppy. We’re all in the house. She has plenty of people to play with. There are creatures with thumbs to open the door for her or refill her water bowl. Even the daily walk happens. And for the bipedal denizens of the house, this is a great thing.

This is not to disparage Nacho, the elder states-dog of the house. He’s just way more relaxed and spends most of his time napping in my office while I work. He’s not as needy.

As I poke at my hobbies and get through the day, it’s important to me that I note the things that keep me engaged with my world. The things that bring joy.

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