Collecting Projects

A Notebook

Scanning my notebook this morning over coffee and I’ve noticed that I’m logging long lists of projects. Most of them involve time away from screens and no internet connection. Some involve a computer tangentially, but aside from that, they are low-to-no-tech things to do. I have to wonder if part of this extended period away from things is creating an urge simply to stay busy.

It’s the middle of July, but we’re already writing off the fall. We’re wrapping our heads around what will be over the next few months and there is a part of me that is making sure I have a backlog of things to lose myself in as the walls get tight come winter. Work will not slow down. For me, it will likely only accelerate for reasons. My family is going to be trapped in an infinite loop of home school / remote learning. Activities will be limited. These are all horrible to contemplate all day long, but there they are.

So what does one do? Build things. Assemble things. Paint things. Solder things. Carve things. And watch birds. Or paddle on a lake. Or go fishing. Or scribble madness into a notebook that will be lost in a drawer someday. Anything but sit idle.

List after List. Todo after Todo. Finding ways to exercise agency.

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