Himalayan Pink Salt

In The Before Times, we would take a vacation in the summer. This was always important to me because when I was a kid, we didn’t really do a lot of vacations for a lot of very complicated, grown-up reasons. Being able to take a week and go fishing and hiking and relaxing with my family at a cabin somewhere in the hills of Pennsylvania always felt really good.

At the cabin we rented the first time we took a vacation in PA, there was a shaker of Himalayan Pink Salt. I thought this was the neatest thing. I made comments about using “The Fanci Salt” on vacation. My son thought it would be hilarious to get me some of that very salt when he saw it at CostCo. Now I have enough to last for a good long while.

We didn’t take a vacation this year. We stayed home. But most days, we’re trying to eat outside. We have wine with dinner a little more often. We grill things and take our time with the food we eat on many nights. Not as many as we might, but it feels like we’re more mindful around meal times about some kind of experience.

These Strange Days have me trying to make the mindful choice to slow down. Read more. Less screen time. More time in the hammock. Enjoying the summer before what will certainly be a long winter.

I’m writing more. I don’t know what that means. But I’m home. And writing again.

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