a light sketch and some instrument building

i am far too lazy to get out the camera, resize the pictures and post them but rest assured that the lute is in fine condition. the fretboard is on and i have stained the sides, back and neck with a dark walnut stain. it’s creating a very striking effect and provides and nice contrast to the light spruce soundboard.

again, i will never work with plastic as part of an instrument after this experience. i ordered up some rosewood binding for my guitar project so that i can scuttle the plastic items entirely. there’s a lot to be said for using contrasting wood colors and grains to create an effect with more depth. exciting stuff.

also, to all of my favorite designers out there: i am looking for something to put on my guitar as a signature/logo. a simple “j.c.w.” would be nice. if you have suggestions, please remember that i have to be able to do it as an inlay on the headstock or 12th fret of a guitar. aaaaaaaand GO!


a new sketch! two days late and a few dollars short i’m afraid. it’s something. not a lot, but i’m trying to keep myself honest. any feedback is good feedback so if you dig it or don’t, please let me know. the best news i have to date is that my new studio arrangement is fantastic. if you find yourself having trouble getting work done take a step back and really look at where you’re working. a few small changes and i feel like i have a new lease on life as far as my creative activities go. everything is in one nicely organized spot and i can pick up any one of my instruments and start playing with so little effort that coming up with an excuse takes more work than actually doing something. think about it…


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