Slow Going

I’ve written about a dozen songs over the past month. I’m working hard to get lyrics written for enough of them so that I can send them out for singing. I don’t sing. There are people who should and people who shouldn’t. Me? Squarely in the latter category. It used to bother me but I let it go to focus on the areas where I really want to excel. The point is that I am extremely fortunate in that I know at least two really great singers who don’t mind working with me (most of the time).

Right now it’s all about arranging; the nuts and bolts of songwriting. I’m trying to become a better student of song structure and as a result, I’m listening to a lot of stuff that I don’t necessarily like, but have come to respect for technical reasons. There are plenty of books that I’ve read because they are “important” but I’ve skipped out on the musical analog because, well, music is different. If I don’t absolutely love it, it’s hard for me to force myself to sit through it. I realize that makes me a poor student and perhaps someday I’ll be better about it. Let’s not have anyone hold any breath over the matter.

In any case, I’m listening to things that friends have recommended over the years that I either acquired and didn’t take to right away or that I’ve put off getting my head around. The upside to this is that I now have lots to do on my two hours of commute time every day. The downside is that shuffle on my iPod has become even more disastrous than it was (if that is even possible).

Lots of listening. Lots of writing. Lots of recording. Still nothing to show for it. It’s strange to be doing so much and sharing so little. Time for an exercise.

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