It’s summer in Texas. That means temperatures in the triple digits. Pain and suffering for those of raised at a moe comfortable latitude. Getting into the studio isn’t easy. Add to the baby and life in general the exhaustion that comes from the day to day moving in this heat and there isn’t much energy left for anything.

That said, I have been stealing time. I looked in my week for more time to devote to my projects – those things that make me who I am. The weekends are full, but not the early mornings. So I’m getting up before the sun to sneak in an extra hour or even 90 minutes before my son comes asking for pancakes. It has been pretty great.


In the early morning my house is still. I can play around with instruments or work on my written projects. It’s the time equivalent if finding s twenty in a jacket you haven’t worn in a long time. I’ve made some progress on something that I meant to start a long time ago and even stuck a few new bits and pieces into my manifesto project. All told, it’s a win. Can’t recommend it enough. In fact, getting up early on the weekends might surpass my beloved iPad by the end of the year in terms of improving production in my creative work.


I have been on a writing tear, so I have lots of raw material and nothing to share. That sucks because I would like to post something every other week, but I can’t commit to that. Hopefully the last two tunes I posted count for something. As the summer wears on I will have more. Probably more of my weird sound art. You know, the stuff people for the most part don’t enjoy.

This is a long way of saying I have nothing to share but I did post to the blog this week.

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