Getting Things Together

So the thing is, I have a new baby girl in my house. She’s beautiful. She’s also new. That means middle of the night feedings, diapers every hour or so, and not a lot of sleep. In that vein, I have started laying out a road map for things that I want to get done this year.

I thought that I could throttle back on projects, but the fact remains that I tend to work on what I want to work on when I want to work on it. That’s not coducive to cutting back. What I’ve done instead is get organized. Like, really organized.

In the next week or so, I will start posting progress on all of my current projects. There’s a lot of inspiration in the air right now. I can feel the tunes brewing. And I can feel a return to some of the things that I left by the wayside a few years back. I’m going to stick with the collections of 6 songs and try to keep things flowing.

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