more guitar building

This past weekend wasn’t fantastic as my beloved wife was down with a flu or some other nasty crud. She was pretty incapacitated and our son, who had recently conquered the same virus, was up and about and in need of activity while still recovering his energy. This is generally not how a success story begins around our house. On days when The Dude is recovering from illness he tends to think that he can do more than he is able at moment. This weekend was no exception, but he did help me in my quest to further the building of my latest guitar.

All of the binding work is now complete. I added a detail near the neck joint that I think looks pretty spiffy. When I’m done sanding it all down and get the neck mounted, I will post some detail shots. This is really my first attempt at an instrument that I’m making without a lot of help from a kit. The process has been really, really enjoyable and I have a list of things that I have learned and a pile of TODOs for my next build. I think that I’m starting to really get the basics. In fact, it could be said that I’m almost a real novice!

There are still a couple of purely decorative additions for the headstock, but I think that from here on out it’s mostly finishing and doing the frets. Not a particularly long list of things that need doing, but time consuming enough that they won’t be wrapped up for a couple of weeks (unless I sneak in a really productive weekend).

And tonight, I’m back in the studio. Tunes soon!

  1. Building guitars looks interesting to me, but I think that I’m not able to build a good instrument, so I’ll order it from some luthier. There are many good guitar builders in my country, building guitars became very popular last year 🙂

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