sticking with it

the toughest part of having a full time non-music job and a fantastic family is the lack of practice time. i’m constantly noodling on my six string. i’m rarely more than 10 paces from it, but the other instruments that i really love get neglected. for example, off of the top of my head for no really good reason, my dobro. (for nitpickers: call it what you want, it’s a dobro.)

i love the sound. it’s an instrument that i really enjoy playing at. notice that i said “playing at.” i don’t play it. i’m never going to go down in history as a “dobro player,” but i like it. and i love the unique voice it has. as a matter of pure coincidence this instrument figures prominently in the tune i’m hacking on right now. it’s a simple line, but it’s giving me fits. why? because i don’t practice.

if i had the time and knew the people i would call someone up and say “hey, want to lay down a quick and easy track for me?” but i don’t. i won’t use a sampled dobro (even if there is such a thing, which i seriously doubt). and i won’t simplify the line or use another instrument. it’s quite a fine hole i’ve dug for myself.

the best part is that when the track is released everyone will say “that’s what caused all the trouble?” and i’ll have to point at something shiney and run the other direction.

not compromising sucks, but i can’t see it being any other way, so it’s back to the woodshed and a thousand takes.

on the positive side, the rhythm lines and bass are down. that part sounds pretty cool, but it will sound a thousand times cooler when i get the dobro in there.

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