progress is a good thing

i just spent about an hour going through the motions of editing the tune i linked to yesterday. there are a couple of things to note. first, i’m glad that i stuck with this one. i really, really like it. it’s contemplatively happy. it also has a chamber ensemble vibe that is really hard to achieve when there is only one musician involved. oh how i hate playing alone. but until i can find other musicians who can record in my studio from exactly 8 pm to 9 pm every night, i am where i am.

another thing that i would like to mention is that i’m really loving logic 8 right now. it’s so nice when things simply do what i want them to do. so many tools work against me or force me to think. i don’t want to think. i can’t mess around with manuals and “what’s the shortcut for that again?” thinking. i want to hear an imperfection and deal with it. my time and patience are limited. i work very hard to make recordings with very few mistakes or issues that require editing, so when i’m editing i’m usually pretty unhappy. a tool that gets in my way is not acceptable. thank you logic for being easy to use. less thinking, more doing.

what does any of this mean? it means that i have 4 tunes more or less in the bag. 7 more to go. my next stop is adding a dobro track to a piece. practice makes perfect but looping segments for recording multiple takes in rapid succession will do in a pinch. and i’m pinched.

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