accidental goodness

Wednesday night I went into the studio, sat down, and started recording. The best part of having a studio in my house is the ability to keep things set just so and when I’m ready to work, get right down to the working of the mojo. I had my guitar in a silly tuning and I don’t remember why. It’s not important to the rest of the world, but to my fingers it was just right. I started playing and before I knew it I had three tracks that weren’t bad. In fact, they were pretty good. I don’t think that I would have been embarrassed to have been in front of a group of people while I was playing that stuff despite the fact that I’d never heard it before, much less played it.

As is my custom, I took my lunch hour at the ye olde coffee shoppe to evaluate what I did the night before. I was still quite pleased. I added some EQ and a touch of reverb so that it wouldn’t sound like it was recorded in a spare bedroom and bounced it down. Last night, I tossed it on the iPod and got a good listen on the drive in this morning. Still not bad! It’s fairly rare that I’m still pleased with an improvisation so far after the fact. Better yet, it suggests a them and variations if only due to the tuning of the instrument and proximity of performance.

On the same playlist, by chance rather than design, were the pieces I’ve been working on that are processed alterations of some improvisations. They are a delicate counterpoint to the variations. Something tells me that this is a chocolate and peanut butter moment. It has me very excited by the possibilities.

Since I’m likely to tailor and tweak the variations, I think I’ll clean up the few booms that are in the recording and release the three of them more or less raw because it’s been forever since I put anything out for folks to hear and that makes me crazy. Watch this space for tunage in the near future. Maybe a special Friday release.

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