my fake open mic night and filling gaps

i have been spending a lot of time doing the nit-picky stuff on the body of my kit guitar. there were mistakes. some were minor and some were pretty evil. nothing that anyone who wasn’t looking would find. none of the items that are currently under my scrutiny should affect the sound of the final instrument, but again, this is about learning.

and learning, i am!

lots of detail work is showing me, well, how wood really behaves. i’m seeing what the tolerances are and what i can expect when i screw something. figuring out how to cover gaps or gouges has been fun. well, not fun, but it’s a nice skill to develop (note that i don’t have it yet).

there is a new sketch this week. i don’t know where the semi-faux-spanish feel originated, but it’s definitely there. very few takes. in fact, these are starting to feel like one of those weird open mic nights where you make the last minute decision to do something new just for kicks and wind up not really practicing but getting on stage anyway. maybe i’ll write more about that later as i think the improvisatory nature of how i put these things together is a lot of fun.

there’s a pretty big pile of sketches accumulating on my disk, so i’m thinking that maybe it’s time to start culling the herd and fleshing out some of them. after all, these are just quick sketches and not finished songs. far from it. maybe another week or two.



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