Game Time

Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 1 and 2.

Before there were kids, there was the PS2. And my wife and I loved to play couch co-op games. A lot of those were the different LEGO games. But once we got to Baldur’s Gate, there was no going back. The first time through, we didn’t have our mojo. But once we realized that she is a barbarian meat shield at heart and I am some kind of tender elven wizard, we were unstoppable.

Since the BG:DA series, we’ve tried time and again to find something as cool and it just doesn’t exist. Yes, there are other couch co-op games, but none of them that are, as we call it, “Dwarfy-Elfy” enough. And yes, we tried Diabolo III and it was NOT what we wanted. It was too short and didn’t feel very immersive. (For me it was a total letdown when compared with the story of II, but that’s me.)

Before The Big Move in The Before Times, I snuck out and bought a PS2 at the local game junk shop because I found our copy of BG:DA2. I bought 2 controllers and an HDMI dongle goblin to do the necessary technology translation. Last night, I got it all set up – finally!

This weekend is gonna be grand. With a used copy of BG:DA1, we’re gonna kick it off and have some real fun – couch co-op style!

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