I think a lot about practicing. I think it’s a fascinating topic from at least two perspectives. The first being, of course, the act of doing something repeatedly with the intent of improving proficiency and gaining expertise. Then there’s the more monastic approach. The activity that is an end in and of itself. Every time I pick up an instrument or even a pen, my goal is to do both.

Over the past few months I have taken up a writing practice. That is to say, I keep a kind of day book that is independent from my journal. In it, I write for the sake of developing ideas, thoughts, and as a way of keeping things moving. The result is an increased desire to act on those thoughts. I make plans. Those plans are executed. Things get done. A complete win. The other thing that comes from it is a clear head. I think better after a session of even 15 minutes.

More writing leads to more sketches leads to more music leads to more happiness.

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