Most nights when I’m in the studio I have the laptop open and everything gets recorded. I’ve been pretty successful with that approach for some time now and it’s a great way to capture things that I don’t necessarily want to take the time to write down. It also creates a lot of scrap files that I can play with later. It’s a great habit and maybe the only one that I would wholeheartedly recommend to any musician or composer. Just record it all. The flubs and everything. It works.

But sometimes I’m not in that head space. Last night was one of those. Instead, I sat on the floor of my room with a guitar and noodled. The room was lit by a nifty little nightlight. I learned years ago that practicing in the dark is good for the hands and ears. It’s still true today.

I picked and strummed for just under an hour. Long enough to get my fingers moving but not long enough to engage anything serious. Like meditation, I left the room feeling lighter and more focused. When I record tonight I’m sure the work will be better for it.

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