creativity and notebooks

i’m not a fan of the GTD method. the idea of stuffing my life into three bins and forcing myself to deal with items through an algorithm seems silly to me. it works for a lot of folks, but that’s them. personally, i work on a very simple set of rules. if i’m at work and something comes up, i take care of it immediately. this is due to the fact that sleeping will likely remove the task from my memory. with my creative work it’s a little different.

i have roughly 100 notebooks lying around. i’m no johnny come lately to the moleskine notebook. i’ve been using them for years to keep track of my progress with my creative work. there are several flavors. there are journals which are meant to be places where i dump my brain. it isn’t the kind of writing that i want to have read and it had best not be during my lifetime. that’s my head in there people. stay clear. then there are notebooks. i treat those like a free form list. i block of each day with a line and run down it adding things like “call the doctor” or “think about strings and tin cans.” all ideas are the same and they get reviewed weekly. if something is really important, i will put it at the back of the notebook where i keep the TODO list. it seems wanky. it probably is.

but for most of my journaling needs, i use software. i was addicted to journler for almost two years after moving away from notebook by circus ponies. journler was/is pretty keen but i fear for it. it isn’t open source and the developer could pull the plug any time. so i have gone back to notebook. no, it’s not open source either but it isn’t a solo developer who appears to be burning out. this change is both good and bad. it’s nice to have a new piece of software to screw around with and it’s neat to shake up my routine now and again, but it’s shaking up my routine. i’ve mentioned about 1,000 times that i don’t have much time available for the creative work i do so mucking it up with a new piece of brain dump software creates danger and opportunity.

in any case, digital notebooks are nice because i can dump in all kinds of media clips. web pages can be copied and pasted. it can house PDFs and the other miscellaneous junk that i dump into my “hey this might be useful” bin.

so that’s that. i have new software. this does not excuse my lack of a sketch this week. the fact is, i have a sketch out to a friend of mine for some collaboration. more on that later. in the mean time, i am mixing and re-mixing earlier recordings to see what i’ve got now that i’ve been sitting on the stuff for a while. i’m enjoying it. some of the stuff that i thought sucked really doesn’t and some things that i thought were great haven’t aged well.

more music soon.

also, we should all sit back and see if kevlar updates his blog this week or fails miserably again as a member of the web 2.0 content generation online community. insert tag cloud here.

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