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Pickin’ and Trimmin’

I watched this short documentary by Matt Morris last night that illustrates perfectly the function of music in our real lives as well as why I need to patronize a real barber shop instead of the Hair-O-Rama.

Check it out here or dig my embed. 

Pickin’ & Trimmin’ from Matt Morris Films on Vimeo.

in the movies!

so the other day, my good buddy kevlar sends me a quick email asking if he can use some of my music for a short film he’s working on. i think it goes like this: a team has 72 hours to produce a final film from start to finish. it’s a pretty cool idea and i like being associated with pretty cool things.

well, the film is really awesome! my tunes are things i never released here (or at least i don’t recall releasing them). you can hear my stuff in the very beginning and in the section with the credits.

check out the movie here:

it’s really good!