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Catching Up

A view of the water at West Branch State Park

It’s been a minute since the last update. I was using this space to mark time and perhaps I should get back to that. The summer disappeared and suddenly, fall is right behind it. This picture was from a radio expedition to West Branch State Park. I do enjoy a quiet Saturday morning.

We’re still well. Still in the pandemic. Still adapting in place and preparing for more changes as we roll into 2022. Such a strange thought that a year would have that number.

The holidays are here.


A notebook, magazine, and pen on a clipboard

Even in the midst of great and horrible events, milestones come and go. Our little family crossed one this week. It doesn’t really matter to anyone outside of our house, but it’s fairly momentous. Maybe more so for me than the others for some reasons. It was important to take note of it. And now it has passed. But the world is different now for having crossed this threshold.

Nothing stays the same. Some change is good. I’d like to think we trend toward progress. This is one of those moments. I will remember it.


A Goodyear Blimp!

Fathers Day was a great one for a lazy Jeep ride out to the park. We drove in the breeze and took our time. When we got there, we took a little walk after my wife spied the blimp. It was parked across the lake. It’s different from the ones I saw as a kid. It was just kind of a neat throwback to my life here a long time ago.

The day was wonderful. It ended with a chocolate-chocolate dip cone for dessert. It doesn’t get much better than that, really.

The Mighty Fitz

I finished up The Mighty Fitz by Michael Shumacher a week or so ago (just before I finished Kitchen Confidential) and it was a fascinating recounting of the tragedy and investigation. No, it’s not an in-depth, technical rehash of the sinking, but it did plow through enough of the detail to make one want to know more. A good introductory text on the matter, I’d say.

Given all the theories, it did make me want to dig a little deeper. Later. It’s not great before bed reading, this subject.

Nocilla Trilogy

The Nocilla Trilogy by Agustin Fernandez Mallo (I wish I could figure out the right characters to get his name right.)

The truth is, I wanted to WRITE this series, not read it. It’s brilliant. There’s really no describing it. I don’t know why, but I was in its crosshairs entirely through the first two books. The third fell a little flat for me, but I understand why even if I can’t quite put it into words.

Amazing series.

Photo of The Nocilla Trilogy on my coffee table.
Photo of The Nocilla Trilogy on my coffee table.