Keep The Hands Busy

And keep the mind quiet.



Warren Ellis has a newsletter. It’s very good. It has turned me on to some really good books and a couple of magazines that I feel like sharing.

Rituals and Declarations is a UK based series of 4 issues. The current is issue 2. I’ve taken my time reading these. They’re nice to savor. Interesting topics that I wouldn’t have come across on my own. It feels like I’m learning things.

There’s also Weird Walk which is another one based out of the UK and is about, well, walking and weird places. Another good one to pick at over the course of a few evenings.

I’m not sure that Ellis brought me to The Desert Oracle but I’ll give a not anyway. This one is subscription worthy for sure. It’s a field guide to the American Desert. The stories cover flora and fauna with the occasional UFO or conspiracy theory thrown in for good measure. The podcast is great too.

Where Are We?

Here’s the thing: a few months ago, I wanted to get this site going as a daily blog thing just to make sure that I was putting something out there. It was an exercise in thinking and staying awake.

And then, the apocalypse kind of snuck in and wrecked everything.

So here we are. This is week 9 of lockdown. There are a million voices out there screaming different narratives and all that matters to me is that I have vulnerable people in my family that require care. I have to make sure they stay safe.

But in all of this, I also have to keep myself sane. What does that even mean?

It means that, starting today, I’m going back to my hobbies in a big way. I’m getting more involved in my radio stuff, I’m going to spend more time with my guitar, I’m going to read and write more, and I’m going to build a LEGO model of the ISS.

Yup. That’s the plan.