Last week was a great vacation. The family took a road trip to my ancestral homeland in the northern lands of Ohio. It was a great trip (though the drive home with the vomiting 3 year old was a bit much). While I was there, I got to experience what a world with temperatures in the double digits feels like. The 100+ days of Texas were replaced with sunny, breezy 70s with the high hitting a not-at-all-scorching 82! It was a great time to strum my guitar, write a few things down, and decompress.

I did some noodling around with GarageBand on my iPad and I’m amazed at how good the quality is. Sketching in that environment is friction free and completely portable. Taking along an Apogee JAM and a guitar cable was all I needed to make it work. Amazing. I captured some decent material and had fun.

There’s a lot of music being made right now and some of it is going to get to the site Very Soon. I feel weird not posting music as that’s what I do. Too much talk and not enough tunes makes me itch. So stay tuned and maybe, just maybe, there will be some stuff in the next week or so. I’m really ready to put out another six song collection in a sprint just to clear my mind and make me feel like this evil summer hasn’t been a total waste.

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