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Fire and Project Round Up

So a large part of Texas is on fire. That’s a bad thing. A very bad thing. The state is severely behind in water. I heard a stat along the lines of under 5 inches of rain since February. I can believe it. Everything smells dry and dead. The entire landscape is brown. And the smell of smoke blowing in from central Texas is unnerving. It’s so bad that our family evacuation plan involves going to New Orleans. Think about that for a second. Running to New Orleans to escape a natural disaster.

Despite the destruction and mayhem, a project that is very important to me is moving forward at a pretty good clip. I don’t want to say too much about it to the six of you who read this blog with any regularity, but it’s going to be good. So good.

The important thing to note right now is that my manifesto has hit a bit of a snag. One of the major points I’m trying to make isn’t resonating like it once did. That’s probably a good sign that I’m finally giving the right amount of attention to my process and The Work. I wish I’d done this exercise twenty years ago, but everything is handled in its time. They’ll be more thinking out loud around here as that changes.

And while I’m at it, the weather has cooled off! It hasn’t been in the triple digits for almost a week! That means that I can get that OM guitar finished up and maybe start that solid body electric that I’ve been itching to build. I’m almost ready to order the bits and pieces. This weekend will involve cleaning up the garage and getting what passes for my shop ready for business! Pics to follow!


Last week was a great vacation. The family took a road trip to my ancestral homeland in the northern lands of Ohio. It was a great trip (though the drive home with the vomiting 3 year old was a bit much). While I was there, I got to experience what a world with temperatures in the double digits feels like. The 100+ days of Texas were replaced with sunny, breezy 70s with the high hitting a not-at-all-scorching 82! It was a great time to strum my guitar, write a few things down, and decompress.

I did some noodling around with GarageBand on my iPad and I’m amazed at how good the quality is. Sketching in that environment is friction free and completely portable. Taking along an Apogee JAM and a guitar cable was all I needed to make it work. Amazing. I captured some decent material and had fun.

There’s a lot of music being made right now and some of it is going to get to the site Very Soon. I feel weird not posting music as that’s what I do. Too much talk and not enough tunes makes me itch. So stay tuned and maybe, just maybe, there will be some stuff in the next week or so. I’m really ready to put out another six song collection in a sprint just to clear my mind and make me feel like this evil summer hasn’t been a total waste.


I have three projects in the works right now and nothing to show for them at the moment. Rest assured that I am doing a lot more than just thinking about The Work. It’s times like this that I’m glad to know really talented and busy people like my buddy Jeff. He has just taken on a really cool project with his photography and he wants us to come along for the ride. Follow his blog Highway 30. You won’t regret it!