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The Shop Is Ready

I cleaned out my workshop, such as it is, this past weekend. The temperatures looked like they were going to drop into the low 90s and stay there, but that hasn’t been the case. Unfortunately, today was over 100. Again. C’est la vie! In any case, the workshop is cleaned up and ready for business. I even got the OM project out of my studio closet to assess where I left it when the heat of the daystar became too great to overcome. It looks like I need to finish up the frets, do the binding for the top, and then make with the shellac. Lots and lots of shellac. I learned a lot from my last instrument and hopefully the finish on this one will be better.

In a fit of optimism, all of the bits and pieces for my very first electric guitar were ordered this weekend as well. I’m thinking of something with a Les Paul body style but no carved top. I want to keep it simple. The electronics will be a fun project as I’m winding my own pickups. I’ve done stuff like that in the past but always with more of an experimental bent. This time, I’m starting with a particular sound in mind and I’m going to see if I can execute. It’s all going to be fun and most importantly, it will reinstitute the weekend father/son garage work.

As a total aside, we repaired a birdhouse and a bird feeder this weekend while we were getting the shop cleaned up. The boy made good use of some sandpaper and deck screws. He’s becoming quiet handy and before he gets to school I’m sure he’ll be a fine assistant!

Lots of stuff is happening around one of my album projects and there’s another one brewing. By the end of the year I should have at least one project completed and another in full swing. Plus the weird and wild stuff I do on my lunch hour that harkens back to my days in more traditional computer music. “Traditional Computer Music.” Is that even real? In any case, I have a rather large piece in the making.

Lots going on and nothing to show for it but this blog that makes references to all of the stuff that’s coming and never shows a damned thing. I guess that’s what 2011 is. It’s the year of doing a lot and showing a little.

Another Cool Build

Ben over at Crimson Guitars pointed out that I’d linked to an older build diary. Things have changed a lot and his latest build is more amazing than the one I’d previously linked. Check it out here! It’s really an inspiration when a talented luthier like this guy shares his process with the rest of us. Gives the amateurs like me something to aspire to – or at least enjoy watching.

Crimson Guitars

This is a full on guitar nerd alert. I’m preparing to build an electric guitar as soon as the heat dies down some. As is my custom, I was doing some research into different shapes and specs. I did some quick searching on Robert Fripp’s guitar and came up with a link to the studio that makes his instruments. There is a build diary there that I can’t imagine getting sick of. Amazing work and really cool techniques. Definitely worth a look!

Crimson Guitars Build Diary: